Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to the Many Worlds of the most famous cinematic Supermen.

Hello sons of Krypton,

This blog is my humble tribute to the greatest superhero who ever graced Earth.
This blog doesn't feature pictures (Internet is filled with them anyway), but just logic theories and explanations to "fix" some "holes" in the old Superman franchise as well as my attempts to pointing out some interesting aspects of Superman Returns and Man of Steel.

English is not my main language, so I spent a lot of time to write the contents. Please, if you ever should spot any grammar error or strange word thrown in there, just write me. I will make corrections, of course. Thanks.

So far, there are just three sections. SilentDues provided me with an "essential guide to Smallville" most of you should enjoy. Come back for more... I'm working on it right now !!!


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