It seems many critics/haters either weren't paying attention when they saw BvS (e.g. 1 hater thought Lex was arrested for creating Doomsday when BvS clearly indicates Lex was arrested for the Capitol bombing) or aren't smart enough to understand BvS (i.e. they need everything spoon-fed or spelled out for them like MCU does). Most of the FAQ from critics/haters were either explained in BvS or can be explained by using common sense and connecting the dots.

The purpose of this thread is to answer the FAQ from critics/haters who didn't understand BvS. All of these FAQ are actual questions from critics/haters.

1. Excalibur was rated R. Why did the Waynes take young Bruce to see an R-rated movie that had violence and incest?
The Waynes took young Bruce to see The Mark of Zorro, not Excalibur (which didn't start showing until next Wednesday).

2. If the gun was inside the necklace, why wasn't there any blood on Martha Wayne's face?
The gun was pointed at a downward angle so Martha Wayne was shot in the chest and not in the face.

3. Why didn't Jack evacuate everyone from the Wayne Enterprises building as soon as the Kryptonian ship started attacking the city? Does he always need Bruce Wayne's direct instructions before enacting safety procedures?
In MoS, when the ship started drilling into the ground, cars and other objects were lifted into the air and then fell to the ground and crushed. It wasn't until the military planes came that Perry ordered the Daily Planet staff to evacuate. So if Jack had ordered the Wayne Enterprises staff to evacuate as soon as the ship started drilling into the ground, they would've been crushed like the cars and other objects were. Even in 9/11, the initial announcement from security told people to return to their desks after the 1st plane hit the tower:

4A. Why didn't Superman remove the scout ship and World Engine instead of leaving it there for anyone to access?
The world was almost destroyed by alien soldiers with advanced technology. Do you really think the government would be OK with another alien just taking the advanced technology away?

Superman could take it by force, but that would only make the public fear him more and hate him. The government had already secured the scout ship and posted guards around the entrance (which is why Lex needed to present papers to the guards to gain entry to the scout ship) and the Indian government had posted warning signs around the World Engine saying that it was "Restricted" and "Do Not Enter".
4B. But why did the government leave something alien and dangerous like the scout ship in the middle of a populated city and not relocate it to a safer area? Someone (likely multiple entities) owns the land where the shop is. Real estate in a city like Metropolis is extremely valuable. Wouldn’t the land owners want their property restored as quickly as possible?
The Kryptonian Scout ship is the same as the U.S.S. Arizona battleship (which is still in the middle of Pearl harbor with unexploded bombs within its hull) in that they are vessels that were wrecked and remain in state where they were ditched. The fact that there is dangerous technology on the scout-ship gives every reason for the government to leave it where it remains until a risk assessment can be done to determine if it is safe to remove it. That could take years or even decades due in part to the level of complexity and technology present.

It is better to cordon off the area and keep people away than to move it and possibly release toxic elements in the environment. That is why it was tented off from the public. Since the wreck is a potential health and safety issue, the government probably wouldn't allow any building at the immediate area no matter how valuable the land may be. As for the immediate surrounding area, they did build a memorial park (similar to what was done at the 9/11 ground zero).

5. Why did Superman tackle a terrorist through a wall and kill him in Africa?

Superman didn't tackle any terrorist through any wall or kill any terrorist. The terrorist was standing directly behind Lois with his left arm around Lois' neck. Superman is over 6 ft tall and over 200 pounds so it would've been impossible for Superman to tackle the terrorist through a wall without either tackling Lois through the wall as well or pushing Lois out of the way. But Lois never moved from her position. So the only possible scenario was Superman used superspeed to get behind the terrorist, grab the terrorist from behind, smash a hole through the wall, and then drag the terrorist through the hole that he smashed in the wall. The terrorist never hit the wall so the terrorist wasn't killed. That's confirmed when Superman tells Lois in the bathtub scene that he didn't kill anyone.

6. Why does anyone think Superman shot a whole bunch of people in Africa?
Nobody thought Superman shot anyone in Africa. People blamed Superman because his intervention led to an escalation in the violence. This is explained in BvS when Secretary Swanwick said to Lois "A reporter got greedy for a scoop and went somewhere she shouldn't have. Superman acted like a rogue combatant to save her and people died."

It's also what Lois was talking with Clark about in the bathtub scene: "I don't know if it's possible for you to love me and be you." In other words, can he love her and still be Superman, because his love for her caused him to interfere in a global situation without thinking of the ramifications. This is why BvS is much better than all MCU movies.

Age of Ultron began with the Avengers invading a HYDRA outpost. But the HYDRA outpost was in Sokovia. So basically, the Avengers violated the sovereignty of a foreign nation by illegally invading that country and attacking residents of that country without provocation. And Tony Stark unilaterally decides to create Ultron without any discussion with or permission from global leaders. But Age of Ultron never addresses the ramifications of such an illegal act of aggression by the Avengers or a unilateral decision by Stark that endangered the lives of every human being.

By contrast, in BvS Senator Finch raises the issue of the ramifications of Superman's actions:
"To have an individual engaging in these state-level interventions should give us all pause."
"I'm not saying he shouldn't act. I'm saying he shouldn't act unilaterally."
"In a democracy, good is a conversation, not a unilateral decision."
"How far will he take his power? Does he act by our will or by his own?"

In Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Superman says "I'm going to do what our governments have been unwilling or unable to do. Effectively immediately, I'm going to rid our planet of all nuclear weapons." Then Superman gathers up all the world's nuclear weapons and tosses them into the Sun.

BvS is saying it's not that simple because there are ramifications to Superman's actions. "We have international laws. On this Earth, every act is a political act." Does Superman act with the consent and will of the people or does he act by his own will (like Tony Stark does)? Are Superman's actions to be interpreted as American? What are his boundaries? What rules will he maintain or break?

7. What's the point of trying to frame Superman in the beginning if Lois was a witness to the whole thing and could easily testify?
"Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree, you write a puff-piece editorial"
It’s pretty obvious that the Daily Planet has written many favorable stories on Superman. So people might be skeptical if the Daily Planet's top reporter testified or wrote another favorable story for Superman while a lot of villagers contradicted her story. Some people might believe Lois' story, but there will always be detractors, like the people who burned a Superman figure after the Capitol bombing even though CNN reported that Capitol police identified the bomber was Wallace Keefe.

8. How can Senator Finch be the head of a Senate committee when she's just a junior senator from a small state?
Being the head of a Senate committee isn't based on seniority. The Senate Majority Leader selects the committee chairpersons. And the Senate Majority Leader is going to favor those senators who are most loyal to him/her. Basically, you scratch my back and I'll scratch your back. That's how Senate committee chairpersons are selected.

9. Why is a junior Senator from Kentucky even holding a hearing about something that happened in Africa? Shouldn't that be the UN's job?
Lex referred to her as "the chair of the Committee on Superman". So her committee was obviously created after the Kryptonian invasion to address any geo-political issues involving Superman.

10. Lex shows a video of him experimenting in Zod's body with the intention to gaining access to Zod's body? If he didn't have access, how did he experiment on it in the 1st place?
"One of my Rebuild Metropolis crews found it. A little souvenir from the Kryptonian World Engine."
"We suspected that it might have bio-interactions. So we took the same to USAMRIID, where they keep the remains of the Kryptonian decedent. And when we exposed General Zod to the mineral, this happened. Profound bio-degradation, decaying Kryptonian cells."
"We concluded the mineral could be weaponized if a large enough sample was found. And then, among the fishes, a whale, lying at the bottom of the Indian Ocean."

Zod's body was kept at USAMRIID. Lex's crews found a little piece of Kryptonite in Metropolis. They took it to USAMRIID and tested it on Zod's body. That's the video you're referring to.

Then Lex's men found the large chunk of Kryptonite in the Indian Ocean. Lex wanted sole access to Zod's body to experiment with the large chunk of Kryptonite. The Senator granted Lex access to Zod's body as well as the scout ship. So Lex had Zod's body transported from USAMRIID to the scout ship. 

11. If Metropolis and Gotham are across the bay from each other, how is it that Clark doesn't know who Bruce Wayne is?

When Bruce got out of the car, Clark asked "Who's that?" and the guy said "That's Bruce Wayne." Clark didn't ask "Who's Bruce Wayne?"

I live in San Francisco, about 25 miles from the corporate HQs of Oracle and Facebook. I know that Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle and Mark Zuckerburg is the CEO of Facebook, but I don't know what they look like and I wouldn't be able to identify them from a photo.

Similarly, Clark knew who Bruce Wayne is (Clark even saw a TV news report of Wallace Keefe arrested for vandalizing the Superman statue and Keefe yelled "I work for Bruce Wayne!"); Clark just didn't know what Bruce Wayne looked like.

Also, note that when Wallace Keefe got out on bail and went back to his apartment and saw Lex, Wallace said "Who the hell are you?" So even though Metropolis and Gotham are across the bay from each other, Wallace Keefe (who worked for Bruce Wayne) didn't know Lex Luthor by sight.

12. Why was Lex keeping a bunch of videos of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg on a thumb drive?
Lex didn't keep them on a thumb drive. Lex kept them on his server. Bruce downloaded them to a thumb drive.

13. Diana/Wonder Woman stealing the digital photograph doesn't make sense.   
Diana comes to Metropolis after secluding herself for 100 years (since 1918) because she wants to learn more about Lex Luthor and why he is looking into her past. She steals a digital photograph from Lex who has the picture stored in a file. If she just stayed secluded it wouldn't matter who had some old photograph of her, but then again Lex is dangerous and she knew that. She wanted to know what he knew abour her and the Amazons. Do you imagine Lex and his henchmen/terrorists attacking the Amazons? Yes, I do. She too.

14. How did Wallace not know there was a bomb on his own wheelchair? He should have been at little suspicious right?

Wallace didn't know because it wasn't his wheelchair. Wallace had a manual wheelchair. After Wallace was bailed out of jail, he went back to his apartment and Lex was waiting there with a motorized wheelchair. Lex gave him the motorized wheelchair, with the bomb already inside the wheelchair. Wallace had no reason to be suspicious of a kind gesture by a billionaire whose company helped rebuild Metropolis after the destruction.

15. Clark pursues stories when he's specifically told not to and leaves work at random hours without telling anyone. Why doesn't Perry fire him? How does he still have a job?
Reporters aren't chained to their desks all day. They're often out of the office talking to their sources and chasing down stories.

16. It's been policy on Capitol Hill for some time to search/screen everyone coming in AND to separately search and screen wheelchairs. How was the bomb smuggled into the Capitol?
If Senator Finch knew the security guard, she might have told the security guard: "He's my guest. No need to check him".

It's against policy, but since there was probably a long line to get into the Capitol that day (because there was plenty of press present because Superman had been invited to attend; a CNN reporter described it as historic: "Superman is here. He is actually at the United States Capitol. This is really an historic moment."), the security guard might not have spent as much time as he should've in checking Wallace's wheelchair.

17. How was Lex able to sneak a jar of a piss into the Capitol and place it right next to a sitting government representative?
Lex didn't need to sneak the piss into the Capitol. Lex only needed to bring an empty jar into the Capitol, go to the restroom, piss in the jar, and then put the jar on the table.

18. Why didn't Senator Finch see the jar of piss for several minutes when she first sat down?
The jar wasn't directly in front of Senator Finch. It was on her right. There were other Senators at the table. So she could have initially thought it belonged to the person sitting on her right. Also, she may have been focusing on the audience and not on what's on the table.

19. What was the purpose of Lex bombing the Capitol?
To turn public opinion against Superman. People blamed Superman for:

A) Bringing the Kryptonian's war to Earth, resulting in thousands of humans dying and causing Wallace Keefe to lose all hope and become a suicide bomber.
B) Not stopping the bomb in time and letting innocent people die.

This is evident by:
A) An article that Jenny read on her Notepad computer that said "So we are left to wonder, if Superman was aware of the threat and did nothing, was he then complicit in the Capitol tragedy?"
B) CNN footage showing people burning a Superman figure and the caption in large letters saying "Was Superman involved?".

20. Why did Lex kill Mercy Graves?
Mercy was waiting outside Wallace's apartment when Lex went to give the wheelchair to Wallace. So Mercy could connect Lex to Wallace and the wheelchair.

21. Why didn't the AI in the scout ship attack Lex like it attacked Lois in MoS?
In MoS, when Lois first entered the scout ship, the AI didn't attack Lois until Lois took a photograph of the AI. The AI may have interpreted the flash from Lois' camera as a "hostile" action and thus attacked Lois. Since Lex never made any "hostile" action, the AI didn't attack Lex.

22. Why did the AI take Lex's orders?
When Lex pushed the key all the way into the slot, the AI asked Lex if he wanted to assume command. Lex said "Yes, I would."

Plus, just remember this wasn't a "War Ship" and belonged to an early phase of the Kryptonian culture (18.000 years before) – peaceful and more naive.  

23. Where did Lex get the key?
The key was already in a slot on the command console when Lex entered the scout ship.

24. How did Lex know what to do with the key?
Common sense. In National Treasure, Ben Gates, his dad, his girlfriend, and his assistant were stuck in an empty room under Parkington Lane's tomb. Ben saw that part of the wall was carved out in the same shape as the meerschaum pipe he found earlier. So Ben put the pipe into the carved-out area and rotated the pipe, and that opened a secret door to the treasure room. Ben used common sense and figured out what to do with the pipe he found earlier.

Similarly, Lex saw the console in the middle of the water and a cylindrical object with a Superman symbol on it sticking out of a slot on the console. Naturally Lex took the object out of the slot to look at it. The object automatically flew back into the slot. So Lex pushed the object all the way into the slot, and that activated the command console. Just like Ben Gates in National Treasure, Lex used common sense and figured out what to do with the object.

25. Why did Batman want to kill Superman?
A combination of the following:
A) "That son of a bitch brought the war to us 2 years ago. Count the dead. Thousands of people. What's next? Millions?"

It wasn't our (the human race's) war. It was their (the Kryptonian's) war. From Batman's perspective, Superman and Zod were aliens who brought their war to us, and thousands of our people died.

This is echoed by Wallace Keefe in a CNN interview before he went into the Capitol:

Wallace Keefe: "He's delivered a war here. And this, this is what war looks like. I have nothing!"
Soledad O'Brien: "There are plenty of people who say he's their hero."
Wallace Keefe: "He is NOT a hero!"

B) "Men fall from the sky. The Gods hurl thunderbolts. Innocents die. That's how it starts. The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel."

Young Bruce was helpless to do anything when he watched his parents gunned down on the streets by a criminal. Bruce trained to become Batman and vowed never again to watch helplessly while innocent people get killed. But the arrival of the Kryptonians made Bruce feel helpless to protect innocent people.

Bruce watched helplessly as an alien ship brought down his building and killed or maimed his employees. Bruce was helpless when a little girl lost her mother to the destruction from the war. And Bruce was helpless when (from Bruce's perspective) 1 of his employees who was paralyzed by the war lost all hope and became a suicide bomber.

C) "He has the power to wipe out the entire human race and if we believe there's even a 1% chance that he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty. And we have to destroy him."

"This is about the future of the world."

Superman's battle with Zod devastated Metropolis and killed thousands of humans. From Batman's perspective, Superman is a God-like alien being with virtually unlimited power, before which humanity is essentially helpless. If Superman decides to rule over humanity or even destroy the human race, it would be almost impossible to stop him. This is further supported by Bruce's Knightmare.

D) The Knightmare sequence and Flash's appearance in the 2015 reality were the definitive turning points for Bruce.

26. Were the Knightmare sequence and Flash just mere dreams?
No. Flash (Barry Allen) was real. He was coming from the future – one possible future where Superman had become evil and the Knightmare scenario was the environment ther world had changed into. During the Knightmare sequence, Bruce was "intercepting" visions coming from this possible future (I would say 2025 or 2030). When Flash traveled back in time, he created a Time Boom and caused Bruce to see a latent memory from that future Flash wants to prevent via time travel.

The Knightmare wasn't a dream (like the dream about the Man-Bat coming out of Martha Wayne's tomb that Bruce had when he was sleeping). Bruce was waiting for the computer to decrypt the LexCorp file and wasn't sleeping when the Knightmare, triggered by Flash's time travel, suddenly began. When Flash disappeared, you could see pages floating in the air all across the Batcave. So Flash was really there.
Later, Bruce discovered there was a supersonic man in the world (Lex's vid) and further realize Flash was real. He just connected the dots.

27. How did Lex know to kidnap Martha and Lois on the same night Batman challenges Superman?
When Lex saw the Bat-signal in the sky, Lex called someone on his phone and said "The Knight is here." So Lex waited for Batman to turn on the Bat-signal and then Lex called his men to put his plan into action.

28. How was Superman able to get back in time to save Lois falling from the roof of the LexCorp building when in his previous scene he was talking to Jonathan's ghost on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere? How did Superman even know Lois was in danger?
1st, it was really just a memory of a conversation with Jonathan rather than an actual conversation with Jonathan's ghost.

Just because 1 scene immediately follows another scene doesn't mean that it happens immediately with no time lapse in between. In Superman II, after Clark gave up his superpowers to be with Lois, Clark and Lois went to a diner. A bully picked a fight with a powerless Clark and beat up Clark. Then Clark saw on TV the President surrendering to Zod and pleading for Superman's help. Clark told Lois he had to go back to the Fortress to get his superpowers back.

We saw Clark at the Fortress. The next scene was Lex going into the Oval Office and offering to deliver to Zod the son of Jor-El. Then the next scene was Zod, Ursa, Non, and Lex storming into the Daily Planet offices looking for Superman. Then Superman flies outside the window and says "Would you like to step outside?" We never saw Superman fly back from the Fortress to Metropolis, but it's understood that there was a time lapse in between scenes when Superman flew back from the Fortress to Metropolis.

Similarly, in BvS there was a time lapse in between scenes when Superman flew back from the mountaintop to Metropolis. We know there was a time lapse in between those scenes because the mountaintop scene was during the day and Superman saved Lois falling from the roof of the LexCorp building at night.

2nd, Jonathan's "ghost" told Clark a story about how he caused the Lang farm to be flooded:
"Later that day, we found out we blocked the water all right. We sent it upstream. All the Lang farm washed away. While I ate my hero cake, their horses were drowning. I used to hear them in my sleep."
"Did the nightmares ever stop?"
"Yeah, when I met your mother. She gave me faith that there's good in this world. She was my world."

Just as Martha was Jonathan's "world" (the person who gave him faith and hope), Lois is Clark's "world" (Superman even says to Lois "You are my world" before he grabs the spear and kills Doomsday). So naturally the 1st thing that Clark does when he got back to Metropolis after being away for a few weeks since the Capitol bombing is look for the woman whom he loves and who gives him faith and hope.
29. How did Lex find out Superman is Clark Kent?
Lex has been investigating meta-humans so obviously Lex has done plenty of research on Superman.

Lex also confirmed it with the shootings when Lois was in Africa:
"CI thinks the desert was a setup. Somebody wanted Superman to look guilty."
"The bullet?"
"The metal was developed by a private company."
"What company?"
"Lex Luthor"
"He also had private security contractors at the desert compound."
"It doesn't make sense. You said the ambush was arranged to frame Superman. But how could they know that he'd show up and then (pause) in the middle of the desert."

Lois realized that Lex set up the Africa incident to test if Superman would come to Lois' rescue. That confirmed to Lex that Superman is Clark Kent.

30. Why did Lex want Superman to fight Batman?
"We as a population on this planet have been looking for a savior. 90% of people believe in a higher power and every religion believes in some sort of messianic figure."

Lex despised Superman because people saw Superman as an all-powerful, all-benevolent God-like savior. There's a giant statue of Superman. When Superman saved the girl from the fire, the crowd gathered around Superman and reached out to touch him like he was a messiah (similar to the descriptions in the Bible about crowds gathering around Jesus and reaching out to touch Jesus).

Lex wanted to prove to everyone that Superman isn't an all-benevolent savior:
"The problem of absolute virtue. The problem of you on top of everything else. You above all. Cause that's what God is."
"If God is all-powerful, he cannot be all-good. And if he is all-good, then he cannot be all-powerful. And neither can you be. They need to see the fraud you are. With their eyes. The blood on your hands. And tonight they will."
"Yes, the Almighty comes clean about how dirty he is when it counts."

It was a win-win scenario for Lex. Either Superman would have to kill Batman (proving that Superman isn't all-good) or Superman would die by Batman's hands.

31. How did Superman know Batman is Bruce?
Superman discovered Batman's identity when Clark overheard Bruce and Alfred radio-talking at Lex's party. Superman was able to use X-ray vision to confirm Batman's identity later when Superman stopped Batman while Batman was in the Batmobile.

32. So Superman can hear Lois in Africa and not his mother in Metropolis?
Clark and Lois are in an intimate relationship so Clark would know that Lois was on assignment in Africa. Since Lois was blindfolded when she was transported to the interview with the terrorist, it was obviously a potentially dangerous situation. So Superman would've been close by ready to fly in at the first sign of danger. And hearing gunshots certainly qualify as a sign of danger.

In MoS, it was established that Clark's superhearing picks up virtually every sound and it can be overwhelming. Clark had to learn to be calm and focus his superhearing in order to eliminate the "noise". When Lex kidnapped Martha, Clark was frantic, angry, and so worried about his mother's life that he couldn't remain calm and focus his superhearing enough to eliminate the "noise".

Lex might've eyed/monitored Superman up until he got into Gotham, any other place besides straight to the Bat-signal, she would've been killed. I don't know about you but I wouldn't take that chance and would rather try to find help from someone like Batman too.

33. Why didn't Superman use X-ray vision to see through the 1st smoke bomb?
The 1st smoke bomb contained lead particles. X-ray vision can't see through lead. Then, someone suggested that Batman should have used Kryptonite bullets at the very beginning and thus avoid the fight… this is Batman, a superhero, not a coward. Batman didn't want to kill Superman too early and just wanted to humiliate him before the final blow.

34. How did Lois arrive on time to save Superman from Batman when the fight was in Gotham and minutes before she was on a street in Metropolis?

Perry let Lois use the Daily Planet's helicopter. Gotham is across the bay from Metropolis so it doesn't take very long for a helicopter to fly there.

35. Why did Batman decide not to kill Superman just because Superman's mom was also named Martha?

Before the fight, Batman saw Superman only as an alien who has the power to wipe out the entire human race. When Superman pleads with Batman not for his own life but to "save Martha" and suddenly Lois, a fellow human being, appears begging for Superman's life, Batman for the 1st time sees the humanity in Superman. Batman realizes that Superman has a connection to humanity and is more concerned with saving his mother's life than his own life. Like Colonel Hardy in MoS, Batman realizes that Superman is not an enemy of humanity and wouldn't destroy the human race.

It's similar to Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Luke never acknowledged or called Vader "Father" until the Emperor was shooting Luke with Force-lightning. That was the 1st time that Luke called out to Vader as "Father" and those words "Father, help me please" triggered an emotional response from Vader and made Vader realize that the Emperor was about to kill his son. Similarly, the words "Save Martha" triggered an emotional response from Batman and made Batman realize that he wasn't the hero who was going to save the world from a dangerous alien, he was the man who was about to take someone away from his mother. He was about to become the very thing he had fought against all his life and what had caused him to become Batman in the first place.

36A. How did Batman take about 3 minutes to find a woman he didn't even know existed before this? How did Batman track Martha Kent when he didn't even know her last name?
Bruce had cloned the Russian's phone at the underground ultimate fighting event. Alfred used GPS to locate the Russian's phone. So Batman found Martha by finding the Russian.

36B. But how did Batman know it was the Russian who had kidnapped Martha?

A) Superman told Batman that Lex kidnapped Martha.
B) Batman knew the Russian is Lex’s #1 henchman.
C) Lois told Batman that she was also kidnapped by the Russian.

So Batman knew that the Russian must have also kidnapped Martha. Critics/haters will say that the movie never explicitly showed Lois telling Batman that she was kidnapped by the Russian, but it's implied and didn't need to be spoon-fed or spelled out.

When Lex saw the Bat-signal in the sky, Lex called someone on his cell phone and said "The Knight is here." The next scene shows Lois coming down the escalator and the Russian waiting for her. Then the next scene shows Lois and the Russian in a helicopter on their way to the roof of the LexCorp Tower, where Lex is waiting for them.
The movie never explicitly showed Lex telling the Russian to kidnap Lois. Does that mean we can't assume that Lex told the Russian "Grab Lois and bring her to LexCorp now"?

Obviously not. Not everything has to be spoon-fed or spelled out when there are enough clues to simply use common sense and connect the dots. Even though the movie didn't explicitly show it, it's implied that Lex told the Russian to kidnap Lois and bring her to the roof of the LexCorp Tower. Similarly, even though the movie didn't explicitly show it, it's implied that Lois told Batman that she was kidnapped by the Russian when Superman told Batman that Lex had kidnapped Martha.

37. Why did Superman let Batman go save Martha instead of saving her himself?
Lois told Superman and Batman that the scout ship was drawing power from the city. So Superman needed to go to the scout ship and stop whatever Lex was doing.

Batman promised "Martha will not die tonight." Clark had been pleading for a long time for Perry to let him write an article about the "Bat-vigilante". So obviously Clark has done research on Batman and knows that Bruce watched his parents murdered by a criminal (because the murder of a billionaire and his wife, leaving behind an orphan child would've been big news in the Gotham newspapers at the time). So Clark knows that Batman hates criminals and would do everything he can to protect innocent people from criminals.

38. Why did the building have a giant pool of water in the middle?
The fight was at the Gotham docks. The floors were damaged by the fight, resulting in cracks and openings in the floors so it got flooded by water from under the docks.

39. Why didn't the EMP from the nuclear blast take out all the North East electronics and power grid?
The nuclear missiles detonated in outer space.

40. Why is there an entire district of Metropolis that is just empty at night? Not even custodians are working?
It was a downtown business district (this is confirmed by Anderson Cooper on the CNN broadcast: "These are live images from the top of the LexCorp Tower in downtown Metropolis… Thankfully the work day is over and downtown is nearly empty.") with no residential buildings. When the businesses close for the night, everyone goes home and the buildings are all empty. The custodians might only work during the daytime hours.

41. Why did all the news coverage of Doomsday suddenly disappear as if by magic?
It wasn't magic. Doomsday generated an energy blast that destroyed all the military and news helicopters in the area.

42. Doomsday landed on an uninhabited island. Why did Batman lead him back to the mainland? Why couldn't Batman just get the spear and bring it back to where Doomsday was?
Because Doomsday probably wasn't going to just wait on an uninhabited island for Batman to come back. The spear was at the Gotham docks, which was empty at the time. Better to lure Doomsday to the Gotham docks and the spear than to leave Doomsday and let Doomsday possibly jump to another part of the city.

43. Why is there even an uninhabited terrain between Metropolis and Gotham?
It's Stryker's Island. The island could've been a former prison (like Alcatraz) or military base that is no longer in use.

44. How did Wonder Woman know her plane was flying right over the spot where Doomsday was about to fry Batman? Is pinpointing a tiny spot on the ground from airplane cruising height 1 of her superpowers? Why is the airport allowing flights to leave when there's a massive battle with beings of immense power happening between the two cities? All flights should've been grounded.
Diana's plane hadn't left. It was still on the ground. Diana walked out the door of the plane carrying her luggage. As Diana is walking out the door, we can hear the pilot's announcement: "Metropolis airspace has been closed briefly. We kindly ask you stay in your seats."

45. Why did Batman think Wonder Woman was with Superman?
Batman saw that Wonder Woman had superpowers, like Superman. Also, when Clark interrupted Bruce at Lex's party to ask what Bruce thought about the "Bat-vigilante"' that gave Diana an opportunity to take Bruce's thumb drive. So Batman thought Superman and Wonder Woman might have known each other and might be working together.

46. How did Lois know Doomsday was Kryptonian?
Same way that Batman knew Doomsday was Kryptonian. Lois knew something was happening at the scout ship (she was the 1 who told Superman and Batman that the scout ship was drawing power from the city). She saw the sky light up on fire when the nuclear missile hit Doomsday and then saw Doomsday fall back to Earth. She was very close to the action at the Gotham docks so she could see Doomsday shoot fire from his eyes. Given that the only other people she's seen shoot fire from their eyes are Superman and Zod (both of whom are Kryptonian), it wasn't a big leap for a smart, investigative reporter like Lois to conclude (just like Batman concluded) that Doomsday was Kryptonian.

47. How did Lois know the spear would kill Doomsday?
Common sense. Lois saw an invulnerable Superman lying on the ground with Batman's boot on Superman's throat and Batman holding a spear with a glowing green tip that matched the cut on Superman's face. If the spear could do that to Superman, then Lois (just like Batman) made the common sense logical and reasonable conclusion that the spear could kill Doomsday.

48. But how did Lois even know if Superman is winning, losing, or having a hard time against Doomsday when she couldn't see the fight?
Lois saw everything after Batman lured Doomsday to the Gotham docks and Wonder Woman blocked Doomsday's heat blast. After Superman and Doomsday killed each other, Lois made her way on foot from where she got the spear to where Superman's body was. So she was within walking distance of the fight at the Gotham docks. Doomsday is over 50 ft tall and there were no tall buildings at the Gotham docks. So she could see everything that was happening at the Gotham docks.

49. Why didn't Superman throw the spear to Wonder Woman instead of getting himself killed?
A) Thousands of people died in MoS because of the Kryptonian invasion. Superman felt responsible for all those deaths. Doomsday was another Kryptonian threat. Superman wasn't going to risk Wonder Woman or anyone else getting killed by another Kryptonian threat.

B) Each hero had a key role in that sequence. Batman would weaken Doomsday by firing a Kryptonite gas bomb at Doomsday while Wonder Woman was holding her lasso around Doomsday so that Superman could have the opportunity to spear Doomsday. If Superman didn't take that opportunity, they might not get another one.

50A. How did Lex how to create Doomsday? Why did Lex create an uncontrollable beast like Doomsday when it could destroy the whole world and eventually kill Lex and when Lex was just going to be arrested for it if Doomsday didn't kill Lex? What was Lex going to do with Doomsday if his plan succeeded and Doomsday killed Superman?
Lex got the knowledge to create Doomsday from the Kryptonian AI on the scout ship.

Lex believed he could control Doomsday: "The blood of my blood." That's why Lex never flinched when he stood just a few feet away from Doomsday. Because Lex created Doomsday and believed that Doomsday would never hurt its creator.

Lex created Doomsday (which he thought he could control) to save the human race. Lex (whose company helped re-build Metropolis) wanted to show people that he, not Superman, was humanity's true savior. And Lex would show that he was humanity's true savior by using his creation, Doomsday (which he thought he could control), to defeat Darkseid because Lex knew that Darkseid is coming (Lex's words to Batman at the end about how "The bell has been rung" was a warning that Darkseid is coming).
BvS clearly indicates Lex was arrested for the Capitol bombing. After the battle with Doomsday, Perry holds up a Daily Planet newspaper with the headline "SUPERMAN DEAD NIGHT OF TERROR MORNING OF LOSS". Perry opened the paper to an inside page. On the left was a photo of Clark and the headline "Daily Planet Reporter Clark Kent Killed Reporting Gotham Battle". On the right was a photo of Lex and the headline "LEX LUTHOR Arrested In Connection With Capitol Bombing".

50B. But that's not how DNA works. Many parents can't even get their own children to listen or respect them after YEARS of raising them, why did Lex think his DNA would somehow make Doomsday instantly be his pet?
Lex has a huge ego so he believed he could make it work the way he wanted to. That's why Lex ignored the AI's warning. And that's why when Lex had Superman on his knees not being able to save his mother, Lex said: "Now God bends to MY will." Lex has such a huge ego that he thinks he can control a god (i.e. Superman). So why wouldn't Lex think he could control Doomsday?

51. How did Lex know about Darkseid?

When the Kryptonian AI on the scout ship told Lex "The Kryptonian archive contains knowledge from a hundred thousand different worlds.", Lex said "Teach me." So Lex found out about Darkseid from the Kryptonian archive.

52. Definitely, why is this Superman different from the Donnerverse Superman? Why is he depressed? Why doesn't he smile more?
Reeve's Superman/Kal-El reached Earth in 1951, when he was 3 years old. Basically, he spent the first 3 years of his life in the Comet Ship as a "blank state".
For 15 years, he unsuccessfully tried to adapt to earthling culture and society. It didn't work very much, but he kept having faith in it somehow.
In 1966, he created the Fortress of Solitude and started his long and intense journey to become "Superman": the last son of Krypton.
Basically, he spent 12 years of his life in the Fortress, learning the secrets of the universe, Krypton's culture, his powers and many other issues related to the interplanetary scenario.
When in 1978 he left the Fortress to reveal himself to the world, basically we got an alien with an human Earth, but an alien nonetheless.
Reeve's Superman was not "superior" to us (and our flaws) because he had superpowers. Reeve's Superman was superior to us because his culture was superior, his understanding of universe was superior and his "policy" was superior. And, of course, he also got an human soul.

Cavill's Superman/Kal-El doesn't know anything about Krypton, or the galaxy, or the universe. I mean, he spent just few days with a Jor-El hologram. He's not an alien. He's a human man raised in a small town, "trapped" inside a superpowered alien body.
Like humans, he tends to be overcome by his emotions or he tries to BLEND with other humans or be accepted because... damn, he feels human.
He is not "superior" to us, even if he's "supposed" to be that. Erroneously supposed.

Written by AH FAN (KEN) except Point #52.

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