Sunday, July 24, 2016



After the massive box-office triumph of "Batman v. Superman", this is the last blow to the trolls, the haters and the delusional bashers:

SUPERMAN has a long life ahead of him!


Sunday, July 3, 2016

New section added: "Crisis on the Infinite Cinematic Earths"

Hello Super-Guys,

I had a lot of fun with this new section.

I just compiled a list of all possible DC COMICS Cinematic Earths... I think nobody attempted to do this before me. I guess.

Have fun with it and do not forget to check the DONNERVERSE FAQ as well as the BATMAN v SUPERMAN FAQ.

See you later... up, up, up in the sky.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

NEW FAQs posted on this site: DONNERVERSE and BATMAN v SUPERMAN.

Hello Kryptonians,

I'm very proud of the big success and the extremely positive feedback this Fan Website has achieved in the very few last months. Thank you so much for the kind message privates, for the comments and the plays/visits.

This website is a pure work of passion, I do not earn any money from it. I'm just a massive Superman fan. I'm glad my website just became a milestone for the fandom, truly.

By the way, I added two new F.A.Q. sections:

1- The Donnerverse F.A.Q. written by me.
2- The Batman v Superman F.A.Q. written by AH FAN.

You will love it. Have a nice day.


Monday, May 2, 2016

New Man of Steel FB Page/New Insight about the main difference between the Supermen

Hello Super-Guys,
First of all, please give your 'like' this cool page:
Said that:
Reeve's Superman/Kal-El reached Earth in 1951, when he was 3 years old. Basically, he spent the first 3 years of his life in the Comet Ship as a "blank state".
For 15 years, he unsuccessfully tried to adapt to earthling culture and society. It didn't work very much, but he kept having faith in it somehow.
In 1966, he created the Fortress of Solitude and started his long and intense journey to become "Superman": the last son of Krypton.
Basically, he spent 12 years of his life in the Fortress, learning the secrets of the universe, Krypton's culture, his powers and many other issues related to the interplanetary scenario.
When in 1978 he left the Fortress to reveal himself to the world, basically we got an alien with an human Earth, but an alien nonetheless.
Reeve's Superman was not "superior" to us (and our flaws) because he had superpowers. Reeve's Superman was superior to us because his culture was superior, his understanding of universe was superior and his "policy" was superior. And, of course, he also got an human soul.
Cavill's Superman doesn't know anything about Krypton, or the galaxy, or the universe. I mean, he spent just few days with a Jor-El hologram. He's not an alien. He's a human man raised in a small town, "trapped" inside a superpowered alien body.
Like humans, he tends to be overcome by his emotions or he tries to BLEND with other humans or be accepted because... damn, he [i]feels[/i] human.
He is not "superior" to us, even if he's "supposed" to be that. Erroneously supposed.
I'm not criticizing Reeve's Superman - which I love to the nth degree - but I just feel like we're dealing with two VASTLY different Supermen and should stop comparing them or criticizing Cavill's Superman because he's not "superior" to us and makes mistakes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Some updates to the Snyderverse sections...

Hello Super-Guys,
I've just updated the Snyderverse timeline with the infos we learnt from BvS.
I've also added the Snyderverse Kryptonite to the list of Superman's weaknesses.
I did some minor retouches to the Donnerverse. I updated Supergirl's birthday, since I just chose to make her 23 years old in 1984, and not 21 anymore.
In the while, BvS has almost amassed 850 million dollars worldwide. Supes flies again!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Special FAQ added to the website.

Universe by universe... more explanations:

The Donnerverse Superman suit
The Donnerverse Phantom Zone
The Donnerverse Superman IV powers
Some Snyderverse issues
Some Arrowverse issues

Have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Superman's primary GOAL is not saving lives

It's not fighting Zod, Lex Luthor, Doomsday or even saving people! Those are "secondary missions" which "feed" his primary purpose on Earth - as dictated by Jor-El:

He must open a new era for the human race. He will shape a new future for the human kind.

This is very important. Every other superhero can save lives. Superman is beyond that, he is far more important.
Just follow me.
In the Donnerverse:
Clark created the Fortress of Solitude when he was 18 (1966). He spent 12 years alone, learning the intergalactic cultures and the use of his powers.
He debuted as "Superman" when he was 30, in 1978.
By the time he was 39 ("Superman 4") he fought the nuclear weapons policy and eventually freed Earth from nuclear weapons. It was the REAL beginning of his primary mission, which is not (only) to save human lives (very limited, he cannot be everywhere), but also make human kind PROGRESS and EVOLUTE.
I GUESS by the time he was 45 or so, he had inspired human kind to embrace a new era, out of the darkness. It would be the start of a new civilization.
In the Snyderverse:
Clark wandered across the world from 1998 to 2013, saving TONS of lives and preventing many catastrophes. Like TV David Banner in some ways. He grew a beard, so nobody kinda recognized him later as either Clark Kent and Superman. We're talking about a big timespan of 15 years where he saved hundreds of thousands of human lives, to say the least.
By the time he was 33, he debuted as "Superman".
The Metropolis's death count (many claim it is 5.000 casualities) is the prize to pay for having Superman on Earth, active since 1998 and set to save the world God only knows how many times.
I guess in the future to come, Superman will start his TRUE mission: which is not (only) to save human lives (very limited, he cannot be everywhere), but also make human kind PROGRESS and EVOLUTE.
I GUESS by the time he was 45 or so, he had inspired human kind to embrace a new era, out of the darkness. It would be the start of a new civilization.