Donnerverse Supergirl Explained

1- An Omegahedron is a semi-sentient quantic artifact able to modify/alter reality and generate matter and energy. In the beginning, there were four Omegahedrons coming from another universe, and a group of Kryptonian scientists (including the genius Zaltar and a student named Zor-El) discovered them long before Krypton's destruction.

2- During an experiment, the Omegahedrons generated a powerful dome around an isolated outpost of Krypton. Coincidentally, the process bringing to Krypton's destruction started shortly after that same experiment occurred. The dome protected the outpost from the planetary explosion and made it "slip" into the Binary, along with the chunk of Kryptonian subterrean crust where it was located upon and some scarceful debris. The violent outburst also made this self-contained world relentlessly travel at prohibitive speeds far beyond the light, to the point it moved forward in time too.

Throughout the journey, Zaltar and the scientists used the Omegahedrons to consolidate the dome and provide people with new means of survivals.

Krypton exploded when Earth's time was 1052 BC. The outpost finally arrived in the Inner Space after three years of shifting in the Binary but, for effect of the time dilatation, at that point Earth's time was already 1959 AC.

3- The Inner Space and the Outer Space are separated by a transitional dimension called the Binary, whose delicate structure is made of strings absorbing radiations and energies from the external.
After the shifting, the Kryptonian outpost and its subterrean crust stabilized itself into a specific region of the Inner Space interdimensionally placed "inside" the earthling galaxy.
Zaltar renamed the outpost "Argo City"
The dome and the brand-new energetic panels created and fuelled by the Omegahedrons permitted people to survive and be properly substained as well as the city to be protected by the prohibitive pressure of the Inner Space.
New crystal structures were built, and a corps of "Guardians" was also founded. 

4- Argonians also re-established the Phantom Zone penalty by using the same "limbo" discovered by Jor-El on Krypton, this time made viable by the Omegahedrons. The Zone was necessary to imprison and restrain Argonian criminals and clean up the city.
Likely, the Omegahedrons were able to connect with the Outer Space and the specific PZ pocket dimension by emitting their powers throughout a Binary "conduct", thus operating as remote controls.

5- Through the endless powers of the Omegahedrons, Argo City managed to contact the Fortress of Solitude in 1981 and unspoil its existence to Superman. In turn, Superman was able to send them detailed infos and holograms of himself and earthling culture/knowledge through the Crystal Technology of the Fortress, and also reveal his civilian identity and story. That's why Kara knew about the "Clark Kent" cover identity and many other details as Superman's costume.
Superman never managed to find a way to travel to Argo City; judging by Linda's reaction of awe to the Superman poster, we can guess she never ever met him in person.

6- In the Donnerverse, it seems like one female Kryptonian doesn't inherit her father's birthname as part of her surname. Kara addresses herself as "Kara, daughter of Alura and Zora-El". By placing her mother's name as first one, she may be implying that after the marriage her mother simply became "Alura-El". So her name is Kara-El, and not "Kara Zor-El" like her comic book counterpart.

7- The Binary Chute was a pre-programmed ship conceived and built by Zaltar, able to overcome the pressure of the Inner Space, trespass the Binary between Argo City's Inner Space region and our galaxy and eventually "resurface" on Earth, more specifically from a warp located at the bottom of Midvale's lake. The existence of the "path" had been deduced by Zaltar during his many studies of the Omegahedrons and their frequent interface with the Outer Space. 

8- The "construct" bracelet Kara created through the Lost Omegahedron was imbued with a consistent fraction of its power; more precisely, the bracelet was connected to the Omegahedron and also tapped into its primordial energy. This way, Kara was able to "morph" her aspect and change hair color and clothes into either Supergirl or Linda Lee's. Since her trip through the Binary may have last some weeks, she had a lot of time to discover and praticize the bracelet's power.

9- From Selena's radio, it is said Superman is away from Earth for an intergalactic mission. Likely, he had met many other alien races right after his encounter with the Renegades. Since he can retain his powers only under the yellow sun exposure, we can assume the aliens provided to transport him aboard of their sophisticated space ships.

10- In the second phase of her journey on Earth, Supergirl tested her powers and spied many humans in order to learn their language. We can assume that she even had access to the deserted school library of Midvale, some time after the sequence in which she transforms into Linda Lee for the very first time, but before her encounter with the principal. Of course, eidetic memory and neural acceleration came in play and helped her to fully integrate without making people suspicious.
Despite being 23, Kara was enough young-looking to pass for a 19-20 years old girl.

11- Selena is truly a sorceress and not just a simple magic-user like Nigel. She was able to accomplish terrific manipulations of reality by combining her black magic power with the Lost Omegahedron, which acted either as catalyst and amplifier. In the words of Selena: "I am Selena, Diodenes of Catania, Priestess of Sekhnet. I am the Ultimate Siren of Endor". We can assume these names are locations which truly exist in the Donnerverse, and are also related to many cults Selena joined throughout the years.

12- In the Phantom Zone, once Supergirl arrived at the top of the mountain, near the Exit Warp, we can see that she regained her functions and superpowers (she was walking on the mountain in a perpendicular way, for instance). We can assume she trespassed the warp and phased through the Crystal Shard (without any breaking), then flied towards Earth. Her bracelet, as always, guided her as a "sensor".

13- After the final battle, Supergirl wanted Lucy and Jimmy to be silent about her presence and activity on Earth. This is a nod to the first status of the Supergirl comic book character in the early sixties, where she was "Superman's secret weapon" and not a public figure. Indeed, Superman introduced her to the world much later, only in 1962, three years after her inception.

14- Supergirl was able to fly back to Argo City because the yellow sun electromagnetic radiation stored and processed by her Kryptonian cells diminuishes over time, not instantaniously. Plus, she received a new photonucleic boost during her return trip across the Binary.
Thanks to the bracelet, there was a subtle and mutual connection between Supergirl and the semi-sentient Lost Omegahedron, to the point it channeled Supergirl into walking the exact path backwards and find Argo City again.

Conceived and written by Tiziano Caliendo.


  1. Interesting reading, however the only thing is that technically Supergirl The Movie wasn't part of the Donnerverse in a sense. It was very much part of the Szwarc-verse. There was some differences in the story of Lois for example.

    In Superman The Movie Lois says to Clark about her other sister saying....

    "I've seen how the other half lives. My sister, for instance...three kids, two cats, and one mortgage...yechh. I would go bananas in a week."

    Yet her sister in Supergirl is still in Highschool, of course it's possible that Lois had 2 sisters, but as far as I know in the comics Lucy Lane was her only sister.

    I kind of look at Supergirl has an alternate reality compared to the Superman films.

    1. Well, it's the "Movieverse", so the comic-book continuity doesn't matter at all. And we're talking about the DC Comics comic-book continuity that goes altered/retconned every 5 years.
      I don't see any problem.

  2. This was a great read thanks.